The World Medical Association welcomes you to the first course for prison doctors. The course presents relevant topics in ethics and human rights that are important to doctors and other health personnel working in prisons.

You can enter the course by pressing the link below. If you want to complete the course and receive a diploma at the end, you must later contact the Norwegian medical Association. The instructions for doing this are on the accompanying leaflet. You can follow the course at your own pace. The course is free of charge.

Doctors working in prison: human rights and ethical dilemmas

Editorial committee
Hernan Reyes, International Committee of Red Cross, Bjørn Oscar Hoftvedt The Norwegian Medical Association, Sverre Varvin, National Knowledge Centre for Trauma and Violence University of Oslo, Dusica Lecic-Tosevski, Institute of Mental Health, Belgrade, Vivienne Nathanson (Ann Sommerville) The British Medical Association, Delon Human, The World Medical Association, Metin Bakkalci, The Turkish Medical Association and Hanne Møllerup, The Danish Medical Association

Project leader: Bjørn Oscar Hoftvedt, The Norwegian Medical Association

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