Doctors working in prison: human rights and ethical dilemmas

Chapter Author
1 International statements on human rights, medical ethics and international humanitarian law: General principles James Welsh
2 Informed consent and confidentiality in prisons Ann Sommerville
3 The prison doctor's responsibility to report abuses of human rights James Welsh
4 Dual loyalties BjÝrn Oscar Hoftvedt and Hernan Reyes
5 Hunger strike Hernan Reyes
6 Health care for women, and women accompanied by their children Ingrid Lycke Ellingsen
7 Health Care for Vulnerable Groups Rosemary Wool
8 Care of the mentally ill in prison Dusica Lecic-Tosevski
9 Violence in Prisons: The Role of the Medical Professional James McManus
10 Medical signs of torture and other degrading treatment Sverre Varvin and  ÷nder Ozkalipci
11 Research involving members of the prison population Julian Sheather
12 Capital punishment Vivienne Nathanson
13 Internet Course for Prison Doctors Body Searches of Prisoners HernŠn Reyes

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