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The revised WMA Malta Declaration on Hunger Strikes (2006)

Learning Objectives for this lesson are:

To understand why there was a need to revise the WMA 1991 Declaration of Malta on Hunger Strikes;

To present the revised WMA 2006 MALTA Declaration and its accompanying Background Paper and Glossary of terms;

To illustrate with more "case studies" different situations prison doctors can be confronted with in their work, and provide concrete examples of applicability of the revised Declaration.


  • the need for a revision of the 1991 WMA Declaration on Hunger Strikes;
  • the difference between "artificial feeding" and "force-feeding;
  • the ethical position on force-feeding
In the References :

The World Medical Journal "Background Paper" on the new 2006 WMA Declaration of Malta, and several articles on the issue of "force-feeding".

Estimated time for Lesson 4:
A full reading and digestion of the new material should take around 40 minutes.
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