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Hunger strike - The prisonerís perspective and the role of the doctor

Learning objectives for this lesson is:
Understand what pressures hunger strikers are submitted to in the prison context. What influence do or should their families have on their fasting?

Identify the different motives behind hunger strikes. Why and how are they relevant to the medical management of hunger strikes?

Understand the duties of a physician caring for hunger strikers. How do a prison doctor's loyalties differ from an outside doctor's?

Counsel a person on hunger strike. Should a physician try to dissuade a hunger striker from his/her fasting? If so, in what circumstances?

Understand the difference between artificial feeding and force-feeding. When, if ever, are they justified during a hunger strike?


  • Pressure on the hunger strikers
  • The role of the family in the hunger strikes
  • Prisoner's motivation 1: the reasons behind the hunger strike
  • Prisoner's motivation 2: the doctor's role as mediator
  • Medical counseling to hunger strikers
  • Artificial feeding, force feeding, and resuscitation 1
  • Artificial feeding, force feeding, and resuscitation 2

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